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Top half of the figure above the forest next to sea


Figure sitting on the flat roof of modern apartment building

Between Heaven and Earth

Figure in a garden towards a family house

3 Heads

Figure sitting on a flat roof of a modern family house

Sitting Figure Wood

Figure leaning back against a tree in a garden next to family housse

Cool Guy

Figure kneeling and leaning on its hands next to a modern building


Two figures on before and one on the roof of beer brewery

Two Figures

Figure attempting to levitate above the grass next to historical farmhouse

The Attempt to Levitate

Part of the figure in the garden shot behind a wall

The Bird

3 wooden heads on a roof of a house


Black and white picture of a figure sitting in a garden next to big family house

I Will Wait

Figure sitting on a historical white wall


Large figure sitting on a meadow

Figure and Half Figure

Figure leaning against the wall of a historical building


Figure sitting on a construction in a Botanicus garden complex

Garden Complex Botanicus

Sitting figure on a grass net to modern business building

Sitting Figure Iron

Figure of feeding horse in a park in the city


Two figures sitting and looking at each other in the graden

Sitting Figure Iron Wood

Figure made from thin wires sitting on a roof of family house

Invisible Man

Figure made from glowing white lamps shot in dark

Light Principal

Figure in a forest between pine trees

The Soul

Box shaped figure made from wooden branches on a square in teh city

Bond Nature

Wooden figure leaning against the wall next to painting

Wooden Figures

Figures pieces on a grass

Working Process